That Was Then… This Is Now…

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I think I’m finally starting to find a way into 2010.

I don’t want to seem impatient. After all, it’s only January 7th. But, I think I’m starting to find a rhythm: my rhythm. The problem is, I’m not altogether comfortable with exactly how that rhythm feels yet. It’s a work/life balance ‘thing’ I’m just going to have work my way through. The problem is, working my way through it is complicated given the nature of everything I do.

Because of everything I do, I made a concerted effort to shed responsibilities: to simplify my life, both at home and at work. I was successful, although that success did not come without at least

Last year was difficult for me and just about everyone I know. Nevertheless, we all managed to get through it somehow. That actually sounds easier than it was. We have an automotive service business and despite what the pundits suggest: life can’t be good for me and the people who work with me if it isn’t good for the people we serve

In many ways, it feels like it’s going to be an extension of 2009 – And, that’s OK. We made it through 2009 and that wasn’t

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I am a fourth generation, forty-sixy year veteran of the automotive aftermarket: an ASE Certified Master Technician, Service Consultant and Approved Automotive Manager. I grew up in this business with a passion for all things mechanical, particularly those things relating to performance. That passion grew to include all aspects of management, leadership and personal development with a special focus on every day shop operations which resulted in an eight-volume series on automotive shop management published by Cengage Learning and Thomson Publishing. I have been a trade journalist writing to the aftermarket for almost thirty years, devoting my professional life to improving both the image and experience of everyone struggling to succeed in the service industry and I've worked diligently to improve communication and increase understanding between all segments of my industry. This site and everything on it is both an extension and a continuation of those efforts

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