Small Wonders….

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I thought this morning’s sunrise was spectacular: spectacular enough to try and capture it’d… Spectacular enough to fail.
It was still worth the try even if only to slow me down enough to really appreciate its beauty and  contemplate the realization that each new day brings with it a universe of endless possibilities. As someone already commented, a clean slate upon which each of us may write whatever we choose. 
I think that is something worthy of a little contemplation. But, as much as I enjoyed this morning’s sunrise, I was completely blown away by this evening’s sunset! 
It was worth a deep breath and a walk outside. It was worth taking a break even though it was clear the few minutes I spent staring at the sky would have to be made up someplace else… somehow. 
Nevertheless, I think it was worth it.
Why? Because, if the sunrise is all about new beginnings the day’s end should be all about reflections: reflections on what went right and what we have to be thankful for, reflections on what didn’t go so well. Those things, given a second chance: a second chance we are likely to get, we could use to   do things differently or to use to do different things. 
I think we need to be reminded of that every once in a while. I know I  do. 
You see I’m the poster child for moving too fast, working too hard. I was the guy everyone talks about when they talk about the guy who was moving too fast and working too hard to smell the roses: the roses in his own back yard! 
I’m starting to think that this morning’s sunrise and this evening’s sunset were both an integral part of that proverbial wake up call everyone is always talking about. In a way, I kind of hope so because this particular wake up call – If in fact, that’s what it was – wasn’t the result of a catastrophic illness or some other profound personal tragedy. I’m OK. My wife and kids are OK. Their significant others are OK. All of our friends and associates appear to be OK, and that’s a lot better than just OK as far as I’m concerned!
And, I guess that’s the message if there is one. Stop! Take moment… Take a breath… Take a minute to stare at the heavens or at those roses I just mentioned. We were put here for more than just work and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. We were put here to take care of ourselves and of each other. We were put here to finish the work of creation, something we cannot do if we are struggling or working all the time because there is no alternative.
So the next time you see something that makes you want to stop and say, Wow! Do it! 

Marvel at small wonders. It is the sure path to  greater wonders. And, tonight, before you turn the lights out, take a moment to think about a few of those small wonders: the sunrises and sunsets, someome’s reassuring touch, the memory of a kind gesture, the care and concern of a good friend, and tell me that doesn’t feel at least a little better.

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