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“Honey, I’m home…”

Exhausted! But, home… And, let me tell you: There really is no place like home! And,those of you who know me realize just how long it’s taken me to be able to say that and mean it.

After all, you don’t just wake up one morning and decide your thirty-five year war with Southern California: Los Angeles, in particular; is over. It took two million miles of almost constant travel to finally realize that there is a reason people are still migrating here! Then, suddenly, on a Sunday afternoon flight home, I remember looking down at the L.A. skyline thinking to myself, “It’s good to be home!”

Home! I’d never actually thought about Los Angeles as home before. Now, I’m thinking about coming home before I’ve left the house!

Even when you are having an incredible time, even when it’s a conference that you’ve been looking forward to for a year, even when you’re going to be with people you really enjoy, there is still something wonderful about your own shower, your own bed, and your own lumpy pillows that is absolutely magical!

Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the very best shop owners in North America: just about all of whom are within the top 2% of the repair community both here in the United States and in Canada: the top 2%!

You know that old saying about how hard it is to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys: Well, it’s just as hard to remain on the ground when you are surrounded by eagles. And, I was!

You can add to that the seven or eight speakers: one better than the other and all of them world class! You can talk about the breakout sessions, roundtables and stimulating conversations that followed. What you’re left with is enough information to keep you in sensory overload until SuperConference 2011, and all of it was focused on success and serving our clients which are pretty much one in the same.

More than anything else, there is the undeniable sense of unlimited possibility you experience when you are in the presence of those who are where you strive to be!

Now, comes the hard part… picking and choosing those elements we/I want to integrate into our business: that, and finding a way to integrate it into a comprehensive, coherent  business model capable of exceeding everyone’s expectations, including mine.

I’ll let you know who that’s working for us as we move into the Spring and through the Summer. Till then, I think I’ll just sit here and think about how great the trip was, what I learned, and how good it is to be home!

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