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The last few weeks have been tough…

The shop has been busy. We had my wife’s aunt staying with us. I finally managed to overcome my own personal nemesis and Achilles Tendon since childhood, Bronchitis – again. And, I haven’t been able to work out – in the pool or otherwise, since the last time I wrote about it here.

All in all, this is not the optimum scenario for me or anyone else, for that matter.

I think that’s why no one seemed to understand why I would wake up early… really, early… this past Sunday morning to drive the seventy-plus miles to Santa Barbara for a shop management seminar when that’s the same kind of thing I’ve been presenting for more than twenty-five years.

I don’t blame them! At first, I couldn’t understand it myself. Nevertheless, I was driven – figuratively speaking, of course – to do exactly that!

So, after a quick stop at Java Johnny’s – purveyor of the world’s most exquisite (and, powerful) coffee –  for a “special” and a large coffee with a double-shot… Hey! It’s a long drive and the Corvette isn’t the only thing that requires “High Octane” fuel! – Bob Seger, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews and John Mayer found ourselves on the “Old Road” to Highway 126, and then the 101 Freeway to the Fess Parker Inn to listen to my friend, Ken Brookings, hold forth.

It would be hard to describe just how beautiful it was taking the “Old Road” to Ventura and then heading North on the 101. So, I’m not going to try…

I’ll show you instead. The picture quality isn’t what I’d hoped it might be. But, then again, trying to achieve great picture quality while rocketing along at seventy-four or seventy-six mile per hour may not be a realistic goal. Especially, when you’re the only one in the vehicle! And, I wasn’t able to catch the waves crashing over the rocks on to the southbound lanes like I wanted to… So, you’ll just have to take my word for it. But, it was magnificent, nevertheless!

Regardless, I made it to the seminar venue with just enough time to watch the para-gliders do their thing (Sorry, too busy watching and enjoying to think about more pictures…) and park myself for more than four hours of great information, stimulating conversation and a spectacular lunch.

It’s interesting to see how others react to a morning spent like this: Why did you go? Didn’t you have anything else to do? What in the world could possibly be worth that kind of a drive? Or, my personal favorite: I thought you already knew all that stuff!

The fact of the matter is: Information is power! There isn’t anything I wanted to do more than I wanted to go and sit and learn that morning! Hanging out with smart people and listening to what they have to say was well worth the drive! And, yes: I do know all that stuff already! But, as you learn and grow, everything you read or hear or experience impacts you in new and different ways and on formerly unexplored levels based on all the new information you processed. Consequently, the morning was glorious!

Almost as glorious as the ride home listening to the car’s tunes and thinking about all the great stuff I just learned for the first time all over again!

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