An Un-Happy, Happy Ending…

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I’m not going to make the pool tomorrow morning and I’m bummed… Yep! Words I thought I’d never hear, let alone utter. But, it’s the truth. I got a call from the accountant at a consulting/coaching company I work with and the only time we can ‘meet:’ he’s in Maryland, is tomorrow morning at just about the time I would be climbing out of the pool… And, that stinks!

Not as much as the Tiger Balm… But, it still stinks!

Now, I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to get that time in the water back or what I can substitute that will make me feel as good when I’m done. I could go to Krav tomorrow night. That would certainly be a test of the shoulder/elbow issues I’ve been dealing with. But, I’m not sure I want to know how that particular test will be graded. And, besides, the last time I was in this kind of pain I worked too hard, injured myself too deeply and stayed away far too long.

The way things look right now, it’s going to probably move in the direction of acupuncture and a good, deep tissue massage – great place in Simi for both, by the way.

It will almost certainly guarantee a ‘happy ending.’ But, it’s just as certain it won’t be the kind of ‘happy ending’ you’re probably thinking of right now!

Now, it’s a shower, a couple of pain relievers, a few hours sleep; only to wake up in order to drown myself in numbers instead of water…

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  • Dave


    Hi Mitch;
    Have not heard from you in some time. I just Googled you and found you as the Captain. I am glad that you are still kickin. Me too. I now have two Sons and five grandchildren. I still ride a bike occasionally.

    Stay well,


  • Mitch Schneider


    You may have made my whole year!

    How are you… Where are you? My face hurts I’m smiling so wide!

    Wanna go for Pizza at Shakey’s? Jump out a second story window?

    Man, I’m glad you dropped by! email me at I’d love to hear where your past forty years went…



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