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Latest Greatest: Implications of the Latest Round of Recalls…

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Latest Greatest… Service Notes: August 2014

There’s been a lot on the news lately about the General Motors recall (Multiple recalls, actually…) and rightly so. It’s the largest in automotive history, figured in the tens of millions of vehicles.

To compound matters, General Motors has been joined in the quest to see who can generate the most Recalls by just about every other vehicle manufacturer on the planet! (Here are just a couple of the many sites you can visit to see how many vehicles have been affected and whether or not your vehicle may be one of those included: .
GM Ign Sw Recall image
The whole notion of having to bring your vehicle back to the dealer – which is where you will have to go if the vehicle is involved in a Recall, especially if you want to have the service provided at the manufacturer’s cost and not yours – is stressful enough.

But, far more distressing is the impact the Recalls themselves, coupled with the cost and the fallout from the cover-up, are likely to have on the Technical Service Bulletins that regularly flow from the factory alerting their service network and members of the independent segment of the repair community of potential engineering problems.

The great fear is that in order to ensure there is no “Paper Trail” documenting fore-knowledge of a potentially lethal defect and then tying it back to the manufacturer that built the vehicle, the flow of that kind of service information would be cut off at the source in the spirit of “Plausible Deniability.”No one is speculating on how that kind of critical information might be shared in the future… All we know is that it is just about impossible to “fix” a flaw that was engineered in at the factory without the factory redesigning the part or reprogramming whichever module (computer) is responsible contributing to the flaw!However, everyone agrees, that kind of information is essential to work on today’s highly sophisticated and technologically advanced vehicles.We’ll continue to keep you informed as this story continues to enfold… And, we’ll let you know when you can get involved and how you can do your part to ensure the flow of vital information to and through the Automotive Aftermarket continues.


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“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy…”  

George Bernard Shaw

Have you ever been so captured by an idea it grabs you by the belt and just won’t let you go?

Have you ever had a concept so completely take over your consciousness it bars the door allowing nothing else in: no room for anything else large or small? Something so profound everything you see, everything you do, everything you think about falls into its orbit and is shrouded in its shadow?

I have, and more than once…

In fact, I have a history of ‘big’ ideas, monumental concepts, and epic projects: some I’ve acted upon and others, sadly, I have not. I started an association of qualified automotive repair technicians in the mid-eighties; a group of consummate professionals who believed in this industry and the craft they had been called to. It was one of the most profoundly satisfying things I’ve ever done. It preceded the emergence of the Internet, as we now know it by just a few years: just enough to allow the costs involved in communicating with our members to cripple our growth.

Whatever else it was or could have been it paved the way for others to follow and made the idea of an international network of automotive technicians seem attainable: almost reasonable.

I’ve written about change and growth, respect and pride to an industry in dire need of confidence and reassurance and tried hard to uphold the highest standards of professional performance as an example of what we could achieve if we were willing to do whatever was necessary to stand at the top of that mountain.

I served as the Director of what was at the time the largest network of professional technicians and shop owners in the country and I continue to write, guide, cajole, coerce and lead perhaps the most talented group of entrepreneurs and craftsmen on the planet – too many of whom take the term “independent” far too seriously, at the cost of ignoring the critical importance of the notion of “interdependence.”

I keep throwing myself against the Temple wall trying hard to elevate an industry and all those who struggle to succeed within it to become somehow more and better because they deserve nothing less – you deserve nothing less – and, because I know no other way. You see I can’t help myself. I think too much and then find myself compelled to act on the continual stream of ideas that flows through my mind.

I do it because I can’t help myself. I do it because it needs to be done. I do it on purpose because it appears that making a difference is my purpose!

I’ve just had another such idea… another epic concept: something new, something else that will allow me no peace, no rest, no respite until I share it. Something I believe – something I know – can and will change not only the industry I serve, but nation I love as well. It is elegant in its simplicity… So basic, so elemental, it should have been obvious to almost everyone and yet it has chosen me to torment.

I will be sharing it with within the next couple of days, hoping we can build the support success will require from across the Aftermarket: capital “A.”

Please watch and listen for the updates that will follow.

Until then, remember this is our nation. It doesn’t belong to the politicians, political hacks or pundits. Its course isn’t charted by ‘talking heads,’ commentators or comedians. The current economic crisis may not be of our making, but the future is ours to chart if we can find the courage.

Don’t abdicate that responsibility. People have died to ensure that sacred privilege. Don’t trust our leaders to place our Nation’s best interest above their own. Too many have already demonstrated they are unable or unwilling. By failing to accept the responsibilities that walk hand-in-hand with citizenship: by our failing to do the hard work necessary to ensure a better future, others have moved into the vacuum that was left and ensured their selfish interests would be served first.

What is best for the individual isn’t necessarily what is best for the Nation. But, when executed properly, responsibly and with justice for all people: what is best for this Nation has almost always been best for everyone.

Thank you for stopping by…

Till then, stay well, take care, make money, have fun and don’t do business with anyone you don’t like. There is probably a very good reason you don’t like them and you don’t really need to find out what that reason is!