Off To See The Wizard(s)!

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Headed out to Scottsdale tomorrow for the Automotive Training Institute’s SuperConference 2013. It’s my seventh or eigth SuperConference in just about as many years…

Realistically, it’s become one of my very favorite industry events.

Most events like this held at the kind of places that host an ATI SuperConference would suggest an event that is seventy percent play and thirty percent work, and most people attending industry events like SuperConference will whine and cry about how difficult and stressful the event is and how they “have to go” for work!


SuperConference is pretty much the opposite: seventy percent or more work, with just enough play scheduled in for balance. There are world class speakers every morning, break-out sessions and roundtables most afternoons and networking everywhere: uber networking, really.

And, that’s probably the way it should be when you think about it. These are, aftger all, some of the most successful shop owners in the country sharing anything and everything they have to offer as unselfishly as anyone might ever expect!

This particular event is so powerful: so important, I block off the following year’s SuperConference on my calendar as soon as the dates are announced…

That’s right… I’m already thinking about what next year’s event is going to be like and where it will be and we haven’t left for this year’s event yet. You almost have to ask why, and the answer is  simple and pretty straight forward: like every other aspect of my long and successful relationship with ATI, every SuperConference I have ever attended has demonstrated an exceptional Return on Invest.

In other words, I’ve always returned home richer as a result of the the experience… Certainly, richer economically. But, perhaps more important, richer philosophically and maybe even psychologically as well.

So, if for some reason you try to get in touch with me and you can’t; or, you’re wondering where I’ve gone or what I’m doing, please don’t fret. I’m off to ATI’s SuperConference 2013! Off to see the Wizard(s)!  Off to see if I can finally figure out what’s behind that damned curtain after all!

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