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“Hello… My name is Mitch Schneider and I’m a business book junkie!”

If there was a 12-Step Program for people addicted to books on leadership, management or personal development, I sure someone I know wolud feel compelled to take me by the hand and drag me to a meeting and when it was finally my turn to stand up and introduce myself, that’s how I would begin.

I read all the time… sometimes two and three books at a time I can’t help myself. Nor, am I sure I would if I could. Some people read mysteries, some fiction, while others are stuck on historical biographies. Me, I love reading about the human element in business – the psychology of success, the behavioral component of small groups, what it takes to lead and sustain a business from its conception through its maturity, and the difference between pages filled with theory and days filled with the reality of actually having to make things happen.

I generally keep one of the books I’m reading at my desk, another at the shop and hide one in the bathroom cabinet. Yes… the bathroom cabinet! My wife is convince that if was left to design our next house, the Master Bath would at least 10’ X 12’, have really comfortable commode and a hermetically sealed ceiling to floor bookcase!

Interestingly enough, it almost seems as if the books I pull together and the order in which I choose to read them are mysteriously pre-ordained. There is generally a common thread tying them all together: an over-riding theme.

That current thread is the relationship between Beliefs, Purpose and Behavior: relationships that have triggered an epiphany of sorts recently. In fact, it’s what we just finished talking about at the lunch meeting we just concluded at the shop earlier this afternoon.

Like most epiphanies, mine was both profoundly simple and simply profound: What we Believe leads us toward our Purpose, a purpose that should ultimately drive our Behavior in the future – if those beliefs and that sense of purpose is compelling enough.

For example, if you feel this industry could be better somehow… If that’s what you really believe, you share in the responsibility to make them better. And, if that’s the case, your purpose is clear: to leave the industry – the industry we all serve – somehow better than you found it.

Looking back, that’s kind of the way the writing I’ve done over the years has developed. While focusing on what is, I’ve always tried to point out what could be: what we can or could do “better,” with an almost naïve optimism.

I had another epiphany the other day as well, and that was the importance of Relevance in this discussion of Beliefs, Purpose and Behavior. Whatever we do, whatever we believe, must be meaningful – relevant – to everyone involved. This is especially true in a world like ours: a world in which change occurs more quickly and completely every day.

My purpose – the role I’ve chosen for myself – has been to remain relevant: an integral part of your life, a critical component of your ‘support system.’ Especially, with regard to what happens when our two worlds collide.

My pledge to you as I begin this new phase of our relationship with this blog is to do whatever I can to add value to your professional life: to ensure that what I have to say is meaningful in a powerful and positive way and that it remains not only relevant – but, indispensable as well.

My pledge to you is to continue building bridges across the aftermarket: brides that will help you understand my world; bridges that may ultimately help service operators like me, understand yours.

Now, that I’ve finally moved in to the new home I’ve built here at, I hope you will remain the critically important part of my world you have always been.

There will be lots more content and an ongoing conversation I’m sure you’ll want to remain a part of.

So, stop by. You’re always welcome and I promise to do my best to keep the conversation interesting, meaningful, relevant and maybe even a bit entertaining.

In the meantime, remember: take care, stay well, make money, have fun and don’t do business with anyone you don’t like. Even if you don’t realize it, there is probably a very good reason you don’t like them and you don’t really need to find out what that reason is!

Touching Base…

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Just wanted to thank everyone for their support, the “Likes” and the encouragement. It means a lot…

I’d also like to let everyone know that we’re moving forward this project based upon the support and the traction we’re getting from the repair community and from other segments of the Aftermarket: capital “A.” And, I’ll be sharing all of that with you as soon as I can…

In the meantime, we’re forging ahead with what I’m calling our “First Choice” program here at the shop. We’re starting by creating a hierarchy of purchasing choices. For example, parts that are made in America by American companies and by American workers first… Parts that are manufactured here by off shore companies, but in American facilities by American workers – and, there are more than you probably think… Third would be parts that are assembled here by American companies and by American workers and so on down the list…

After we figure out the logistics of executing these choices and identifying those Made In America products, we are going to extend the warranties for an extra year and 12,000 miles to help add value and offset the cost. I’m not sure who will underwrite this or if anyone will. I just know that warranty isn’t a concern when you are sourcing quality parts and if a stronger economy is the result I’m willing to gamble with the risk!

When I get things sorted out I’ll share them here. Hopefully, it will make sense enough for everyone to buy in so we have something that at least looks like a coherent, consistent program with a process that’s manageable.

The most exciting part of any or all of this is that we can really do this. We can make this happen and we’re not alone…. ABC TV with David Muir and Diane Sawyer are promoting the same concept only they are focused on Holiday Shopping…

So, encourage everyone you know to either get more information or to get on board! This train is getting ready to leave the station!