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Did You Know? Service Notes: August 2014

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Before we begin a discussion focused on performance degradation and the consequences of worn or damaged Struts and Shocks… And, the fact that “like new” performance is dialed in at the factory for just about 50,000 miles… It might be a better idea to start with a quick explanation of just what a McPherson Strut and/or a Shock Absorber is and exactly what it is they do? The purpose of a McPherson Strut or Shock Absorber is to control spring and/or suspension movement. In other words, the shocks and struts are there to mitigate or dampen road surface irregularities and imperfections: bumps, potholes, dips, etc. They are designed to reduce bounce, sway, roll acceleration squat or braking dip and/or dive.

Now, back to the design life of a Strut or Shock: It’s the truth! Fifty-Thousand Miles of like-new performance is what the factory shoots for when that Strut or Shock is first designed for that vehicle’s front or rear suspension. That doesn’t mean the Strut or Shock is likely to fall apart after just 50,000 miles! But, it does mean that the performance you can expect from that vital suspension component will begin to slowly degrade soon after that mileage milestone has been reached. Slowly is the operative expression in that last paragraph… In fact, the loss of performance is so slight and it takes place over such a long period of time it’s barely noticeable for most people. So, how can you know if or when it’s time to replace your Struts and/or Shocks. Here are a few of the same “Drive Test Tools” we use and the beauty of almost all of them is that you won’t have to drive your vehicle over 5 mph for most of them!

The first is a Quick Acceleration Test… If you’re teaching one of your kids to drive, you won’t have to perform this test yourself. All you have to do is put your son or daughter behind the wheel for the first time, ask them to pull away from the curb and then watch what happens.If you accelerate quickly and the nose of the vehicle “pops” up more than an inch or so, chances are the Struts have lost a good part of their effectiveness.The next test would be a “sway test.” That’s where you move the steering wheel first to the right quickly, then to the left and then back again to the center while moving forward at or close to 5 mph. If the body of the vehicle leans to one side or the other enough to make you uncomfortable chances are the struts and shocks are worn beyond an acceptable standard.The final test would be a quick or abrupt stop. If the nose of the vehicle dips down… a lot, you have a pretty good indication the front struts have lost their ability to control the vehicle’s ride properly.Just a quick note of caution… While all three tests can be done effectively at speeds of no greater than 5 mph, you should still exercise great caution when choosing where and when you decide to perform the test. Large (preferably empty) parking lots and/or deserted side streets work well..And, remember, there really isn’t any reason to exceed 5 mph. So, trying this out while you’re on the freeway in the middle of your morning commute – although, exciting – wouldn’t necessarily be an especially great idea!

Who Cares?

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Like any business focused on continuous improvement we spend a lot of time trying to figure out the “one good reason” anyone should take that great leap of faith and give us a chance to show them what we can do.

 “One good reason” is all about differentiation: what causes a shop like ours to stand out among the hundreds of choices in automotive service available in our community within a fifteen mile radius. There are only so many differentiators and success is dependent upon finding the right one: the one that works for both the consumer and for a shop like ours.

 You can try to be the low cost leader, but it’s kind of crowded at the bottom with more than a few service providers making that claim. Something must be sacrificed in order to compete on the basis of price alone and too often that something wil either be the quality of the part or the service or the overall service experience itself.

 You can compete on quality, but in this economy it would be foolish to ignore price and the impact it has on value.

 Service is important, but it would be naïve to suggest that great – even, World Class – service is meaningful unless associated with both quality and value…

Dad: early '80s Schneider's Auto, Simi Valley

Dad: early ’80s Schneider’s Auto, Simi Valley

So, what does that leave you with?

 It leaves you with one of my father’s favorite aphorisms… “You gotta wanna fix the car!” And, wanting to fix the car is all about people!

 Quality, service and value can’t care…

Only people can care: Care about the vehicle… Care about the client… Care about the Industry… Care about service, quality and value.  

I care because my father cared. Working alongside someone who cared so deeply for thirty-eight years made it hard not to. And, because we cared so much – the people we surrounded ourselves with cared.Schneiders 1

In fact, I believe caring has become an integral part of our culture and serves as the ultimate ‘differentiator.’

Caring colors every decision we make and determines every action we take. In fact, I believe it would be hard to find another shop that cares more. But, that level of care demands we walk a tightrope every day, trying to find the right balance of quality, value and service and when it comes to that, I’m convinced no one tries harder, does it better or succeeds more often.

 Lots of things have changed since I entered this industry forty-seven years ago, but some haven’t.  I know the decision to bring a vehicle to a shop like ours is still based on at least one of four elements that translate directly into caring. And, at least insofar as our shop is concerned, the only thing that has changed in the thirty-three years we have been serving this community is the level of that caring – it is deeper, more profound and more tangible than ever and if you haven’t been in for a while I’d like to invite you to experience that level of care once again.

The quality is still here made even more tangible by our 2 year/24,000 mile warranty accepted all across the United States and our affiliation with a network of like-minded professionals all across America and Canada. Our commitment to service is just as strong with a shuttle available, special deals on rental cars and VIP pick up and delivery. And, we enhance the value of everything we offer with special pricing, a 3% loyalty rewards program, discounts and allowances like our 10% off* on your next visit, our Mystery Gift program and more.

 The bottom line is simple… If you want to know who cares, I can honestly answer: We care! We care more and more deeply than anyone else we know and if finding someone like that is important to you, you can stop looking. You’ve already found what you’re looking for…

 If you’re not from around here don’t despair! I can almost promise there’s someone just like us down the block or around the corner, someone who cares just as much and is more than willing to try just as hard…

If you can’t find ’em, let me know and I’ll help you!


 up to $250… not to be used with any other coupons, discounts and/or allowances.